Trained from 14 years old in all aspects of performing as an artist in the heart of the high wire act “The White Devils” Ernest Clennell learnt fast, highwire artist for 27 years then 2 years performing a “spinning ladder” routine high in the circus tent. Leading to an understanding of all problems and possibilities of circus props and their techniques.


Ernest Clennell was also head of the workshop at the “French national circus school” in Chalons en champagne for 10 years before setting up “SHOW-BIZ” in 1995.
Its with his 24 years experience of making circus props that he offers his services.
As often as possible the props will have the option to be disassembled to make transportation easier.
Nothing will be overlooked or forgotten in the search for your comfort and security with many adjustable features to suite your prop and any show situation that you could come up against.